Change the way you listen to music and watch video in your home


Pros of DeciFi Syetem
DeciFi Devices Stand Out Because

It helps you to hear the music from the speaker or all your speakers inside your home. It lets you to decide the speaker or speakers the music has to played and its volume from a simple app in the smartphone. That is, our simple app brings together all your favorite music services, and lets you control everything – from songs to volume to rooms the sources from which it the music has to be played. The system also makes it easy to stream your music library from any computer or network-attached storage (NAS) device on your network throughout your home. While it's possible to add your music library using a mobile controller, it's best to use a Mac or Windows computer as it will automatically adjust the necessary settings.

  • Unifies all Entertainment system

    None of your old stereo system becomes useless.

  • Wi-fi connectivity

    Communicate each other through Wi-Fi gives a increased coverage and multiple device support.

  • Mobile app support

    Gives more control over the systems connected

  • MUltiple input

    Supports inputs such as HDMI, AUX, USB


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Joe Abraham

Hardware Developer
Joe works as a Hardware Engineer and takes cares hardware configuration.He is working behind the most compact and cost-effective model.
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Mahesh M P

Software Developer
Mahesh develops information systems by designing, developing, and installing software solutions.
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indrajith p s

Hardware Designer
Indrajith works as a Hardware designer. He update systems by improving the components, layout and the design for increased efficiency.
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rahul venu t

Accounts & Marketing
Rahul keeps the account and he looks the marketing strategies to targeted groups of customers who are contacted via email, social media, the internet, telemarketing, direct mail, or advertising campaigns.
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geo papachan

App Developer
Geo works to flesh out ideas and create flow charts so that every part of the concept is thought out and accounted for. They understand coding languages and how to apply them in a way to create new, fresh content and usable applications. Once the application is created, application developers help to test and fix any bugs that are found before the product is launched.
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Alex jose c

Product Designer
Alex work on new products design which are the improved existing ones, and use his understanding of technology, materials and manufacturing methods to improve the design and usability of the product.